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“He Poked A Hole In The Condom To Get My Mum Pregnant”- Man Narrates

An Anonymous User Had Shared this stunning story online ,on how his dad had poked the condom to get his mother pregnant while having an affair.

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He Wrote:

My mother was married and had an affair with my father, who poked a hole in the condom to get her pregnant and keep her under his control.

Her husband left her. She booked the abortion appointment and then a few days before my father managed to bully her out of it – because she had nowhere else to go and she needed him now that her husband was gone. So she stayed with him even though she hated him and didn’t want a child.

Fast forward to three months before her due date, my charming father punches her in the stomach during an argument and I’m born via emergency c-section, being about the size of a can of coke.

A few weeks later, he locks her out of the house and leaves me in the nursery so she can hear me crying from outside, while he does nothing about it.

Ultimately, he had an affair, left, came back, left again, came back again and abused everybody for years. Now they’re divorced and he still calls her up and cusses her out because he doesn’t want to pay his share of child support for my younger sibling.

I found out about most of this when I was 18.

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