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Here’s Is Your Best Revenge After A Break Up

Pravin Advikari from experience shares his best break up revenge and I think you should follow suit if you are suffering from a heart break

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He Wrote:


I loved her once. No matter what we went through, there was some reason we were together and I wouldnt try to or wish to make her life bad in any way because of my action. I would not waste my time on revenge. I would focus on being the best version of myself. This is what I would do:

  1. I would stay away from her and anything that might remind me of her.
  2. I would stop thinking about the mistakes that we both made. We both had our fair shares and now we are on a different lane.
  3. I would dress well.
  4. I would work extra to have better skills and excel at my career.
  5. I would stop stalking her or being in touch with her in any way.
  6. I would stop answering questions from people who want to listen about the breakup story. I need to respect her privacy.
  7. Delete all her photos that might be harmful for her new relationship.
  8. Let go of the past because I truly believe that I will find what I am looking for someday.
  9. Never go down the memory lane and be sad about it. We had our time, happy time and now we both are happy in our own ways.
  10. Try to improve habits that affected my relationship with her.
  11. Most importantly, live and let live.

There is no point in taking revenge. You should not feel satisfied by seeing someone else in pain(even thought that’s what you want to do when you are hurt). The best thing would be to let go and give yourself a fresh start. This is such a beautiful life and why would you spend time on taking revenge? And even though if you are able to take the revenge then I am sure you won’t be satisfied as much as you thought you would be. Be a better person and let go of everything. Cheers!!!!

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