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‘How I Found Out The Biggest Secret About My Husband After Marriage’

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Amber Chadwick-Ellis a direct support professional had reveal the biggest secret she discovered about her husband and his famliy just few months after their wedding

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It was at a Sunday dinner after church, a month or so after our wedding, that I started to notice that my father in law and mother in law looked an awful lot alike.

They had the same nose, the same chin, the same complexion.

I was startled when I noticed the similarities. I asked my then husband what his thoughts were and he said that people just tend to gravitate towards those that resemble themselves.

I agreed and let it go. Briefly.

Once I noticed how similar they looked, I couldn’t ignore it. I started wondering if they might actually be related.

So I started a genealogy project under the guise of having something to give my daughter when she got older. I didn’t have to go back very far…

My mother in law and father in law were first cousins.

They’d grown up together in the same town. They’d initially married other people, but when those marriages didn’t work out they married each other. They tied the knot in 1982 and a year later my now ex husband was born.

I told him what I’d found out and he already knew. He said that it was a big family secret and it had alienated them from their respective families for awhile. But at some point everyone got over it, as all the extended family was closely involved with each other when I came into the picture.

I know that cousin marriage has been something that’s occurred throughout history, but it just gives me the heebie jeebies. How hard is it to find a mate that you aren’t related to and marry them?


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