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How I Got Divorced After Swapping Partners With My Husband

Its funny how some married couple do crazy things just to spice up their marriage .This story is of a bitter sweet tale for both parties involved (vice versa).Below this post I will talk about a very energetic supplement for men.

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She wrote:

I didn’t “love it,” but my first husband swapped me with his best friend’s wife and so I had sex with his best friend.

I knew my husband always wanted to fuck his friend’s wife (she was younger than either of us and had a really hot bod), and I even told him that I was willing to have a 3 way with the two of them. But his friend said he’d only share his wife with my husband if I had sex with him. So I finally agreed to give him a blow job, just so my husband could fuck his wife. I was afraid that my husband would leave me if he didn’t get what he wanted!

So, we went in separate bedrooms and I sucked off his friend. He only lasted about 1 minute! Then he shot his wad in my mouth, even though he promised that he wouldn’t cum in my mouth! I immediately spit it out. Pitiful. I’ve given a ton of blow jobs in my life, but this guy was totally lame!!!! I swear that he started to cum as soon as he stuck his skinny little dick in my mouth! Hell, I would blow my husband for half an hour – sucking him with everything I had – and if I begged him enough he’d finally give me my creamy white reward!

Meanwhile, my husband fucked his wife all night long in the other room! I could hear them fucking, and she must have cum 10 times. Of course I couldn’t blame her, with her husband being so lame, and my hubby had a BIG dick and knew how to use it! I got really horny listening to them and masturbated a couple of times while her husband was passed out in bed beside me. I just knew how my husband was fucking her, just like he had fucked me so many times. He loved to rotate between fucking me, then eating me out, then fucking me some more. And if he had the chance, he’d fuck me up the ass in a heartbeat, and from what I could hear through the wall, apparently he was balls-deep in her ass as well. I should have gone in the other room and joined them, but I was still pissed off about her husband cumming in my mouth.

A few days later, my husband said he wanted a divorce and eventually he married his best friend’s wife. What did I get out of that whole deal? A bad taste in my mouth.

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