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How My Wife Stole My Sperm,Gave It To Her Sister To Have A Child

An Anonymous user had shared online this complicated story,He wrote:

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It all happened around 6 months ago and i have no idea how to deal with it.

I am a 35 year old man living in Seattle, Washington. I married my girlfriend 3 years ago after dating her for a year. My wife’s family is just her mother and younger sister who live in San francisco.

I do not have any problems with my wife’s family except that my mother in law has a loud mouth and only wants the best for her daughter which she expects me to provide at any cost. But she only gets on my nerves when she visits us every few weeks.

Until a year ago things were pretty normal until my wife’s younger sister decided to pay us a visit for the first time in 2 years. She came to see us with her fiancee. It was a OK meeting, nothing special except i noticed the sister is very needy and smart enough to get what she wants from people. She actually pushes her colleagues to take a higher work load so she can spend her time shopping and eating out. Well, this would not bother me as long as she only visits us once in 5 years. (touchwood)

But things did not stay the way it used to. The sister and her fiancee started visiting us pretty frequently and i assumed she must be missing my wife or something like that. I did not want to ask my wife why her sister visits us so often because from all the lessons i learnt in my life, you can never ask your wife something without opening the pandora box full of unnecessary troubles for the husband. When it came to my wife, her mother and her sister, I just wanted to be there but not really be there like a fly on the wall.

A month after the sisters visit i overheard my wife on the phone that her sister is trying to get pregnant but it seems her fiancee is shooting blanks and are unable to conceive. The sister could not discuss this matter with anyone except my wife.

The same night when i was getting ready to sleep, my wife tried to tell me something but i already knew she may be trying to tell me about her sister’s troubles. My guess was right. My wife starter spilling the beans even though i had no intention to listen. But there could be no problem in just listening right?. Turns out i was wrong. Because i have been a good listener, my wife had an agenda at the end. She wanted me to help her sister get pregnant. I was really not sure where she was going. I did not want to get angry or loose my cool. I only wanted to stay away from anything to do with her sister and mother. I simply told her we are not in a position to help any one conceive a child after all we don’t have a child yet.

After few minutes i noticed a change in my wife’s behaviour. she was not so nice like earlier and she had made up her mind to make me do what ever it takes for her sister to get pregnant. She raised her tone and started pestering me for response. But i just wanted to get back to my sleep and forget that my wife ever asked me to get her sister pregnant. It was not so much easy to get away from the clutches of my wife. She starter twisting my arm to keep me awake for my response which made me very angry. In fact i was very furious, i wanted to punch my wife’s face and break her nose but it was not so much easy. Anything i do now will only come back to me at a later time only to take away my peace of mind.

I decided to tell my wife one final time that i did not want to help her sister get pregnant or interested in anything closely related to her sister and that was my final decision and slipped back to my sleep.

Well, i though the sister’s chapter is closed for ever but some how i had this strange feeling it’s going to come back to bite me in the near future.

The next few weeks were very normal, in fact way to normal. I had no clue there was a storm brewing somewhere out there to uproot me.

I always believed any man that provides for his family has all the rights to be satisfied physically and mentally. I am a sexually active man and sex was something that helped me relieve all the stress in my life. I have sex almost daily with my wife, sometimes twice during the weekend. I am easily aroused and watch a lot of porn on the internet behind my wife. I did not want my wife to get pregnant and pester me with all the PTSD nonsense, so i always used a condom when i had sex with her. When i wanted something really close to my skin i would not use a condom but remember to pull out just before i ejaculate. This had worked all the time for 3 years and never had any doubts about it. But still i never wanted to take any changes and always stored enough condoms in my drawer. I just had to make sure i flush the condom down the drain or dump it in the dust bin under the old garbage so no one can see or smell it.

During one of those peaceful nights i was standing in the balcony for some fresh air and noticed my wife’s sister in a car parked in front of the neighbours house. I was not sure if it was really her but i had a feeling something was going on. I came inside the house and told my wife that her sister is outside the house in a car but my wife did not believe me strongly insisting she is nowhere near the Seattle area. well, that was enough for me to put my doubts to rest.

When i went back to bed my wife followed me and wanted to sleep early for something important the next day. As usual i wanted sex, so i pulled my wife on me and started kissing and fondling her breasts. I knew she too wanted it and she never resisted. I then started undressing her and within a minute she was completely nude under the quilt. I spent the next few minutes with foreplay and wanted to get inside her. I then took a condom from my drawer and started putting it on me. My wife was very eager to help me put the condom on me as if she was starving for sex. In a few seconds i was on top of her and begin to penetrate her. I have a pretty good stamina when it comes to sex, so i lasted for around 10 minutes. In the end i ejaculated inside her but because i was wearing a condom i was never worried.

I rolled on my back on the bed breathing heavily and then decided to dispose the condom without spilling anything on the bed. I got out of bed and, removed my condom, placed a knot and threw it in the dust bin next to the bed. I noticed the dust bin was empty so there was nothing to cover the discarded condom. well, i was too tired to worry about anything and quickly went back to sleep.

The next day i woke up early at around 7AM to get a quick start at the office. I took my shower and when i walked past the dust bin in my room i noticed the used condom i discarded yesterday was missing. I was surprised but i did not worry much about it. I then ran into the kitchen to pack my lunch and then noticed my wife holding the condom i discarded the night before. I had no idea what my wife was doing with it. I asked her why she was holding my used condom, she told me she wanted to discard it in the bin outside in the backyard. I had this strange feeling in me but i was not sure what my wife was planning behind me. I left for work that day and never worried about that incident.

Two months from this incident my wife received a phone call from her sister to inform her pregnancy. My wife was very happy to receive the news. My mother in law had been staying with us for a week so between my wife and mother in law i was the minority at home.

I only came to know about the pregnancy that evening during dinner when my wife told me that her sister is now pregnant. I had no intention to know how she got pregnant and simply said “GOOD FOR HER”.

The same night i observed something bothering my wife, it was not the usual kind of behaviour. She was not disturbed, she was happy. she looked as if she wanted to tell me some thing but did not really wanted to.

I was watching TV in my living room, my wife sat next to me wanting to tell me something. as usual i let her do the talking if she really wanted to else i did not want to know. She immediately spilled the bean that her sister got pregnant with my sperm!

I was really surprised at that point, i had no idea how in the hell did my wife’s sister got pregnant with my sperm. Well, i never agreed to have sex with her sister or offered to donate my sperm. There were 100’s of questions in my mind as to what really happened. My wife started telling me that she secretly collected my discarded my condom after our sex and passed it on to her sister. But her sister does not even live in out town, how in the hell would anyone transport my sperm all the way to California ?

It was then my wife told me that her sister and her fiancee were staying at a local motel for a week. she’s been collecting my discarded condom after our sex and passing it to her sister through her fiancee who was waiting outside my house in his car in the middle of the night. He would then take the package immediately to her fiancee and help her with the insemination in the motel room. This happened for almost a week and i had no idea my wife had been smuggling my semen.

I was quite sure i saw her sister in the car outside my house but i had no idea about their grand plan. Every time i was having sex with my wife, her sister and fiancee were waiting outside the house to collect my used condom after i fell asleep. This was really too hard for me to believe.

Hearing the loud argument in the living room, my mother in law walked in. I was hoping my mother in law would be furious too if she heard the nasty things their daughter’s have been doing right under my nose but to my surprise she knew everything before i could tell her anything. It turns out my mother in law has been in on the plan right from the beginning and it was her idea to steal my semen unbeknown to me.

I then questioned my mother in law how could she do such a nasty thing and deceive his own son-in-law. I was expecting some kind of apology and how we could fix the wrong doing but my mother-in-law and wife were not really upset, not even a bit.

My mother in law then told me with her usually loud tone that they wanted my semen to help her younger daughter and they took it. I warned her i am going to take severe action for their deceptive behaviour and i demanded they abandon the pregnancy.

My wife and mother-in-law simply ignored my demands and said, her sister will have a child with my semen weather i approve or not and there i nothing i can do about it and walked out of the living room.

It’s now 6 months since i came to know my wife’s sister is pregnant with my semen illegally smuggled out of the house in the middle of the night and i am not sure what to do.

I am thinking to speak to my lawyer and work out legal action on my wife , mother-in-law, sister-in-law and her fiancee.

May god punish these cruel women by pulling them down to deep hell and out of my life!

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