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How Timi Adigun’s Wife Knew About His Sexual Escapades With Teenagers – Ministry Leaders Reveal

Ministry leaders of the now defunct Mine Teenage Ministry have come out to accuse Timi Adigun’s wife of being complicit in his sexual harassment of teenagers in his custody.

In a statement released by the ministry leaders, they claim that they do not believe the pastor is sorry for sexually assaulting young female members because he and his wife have “threatened some of his victims after this so called final apology”.

They said they received a text message on Tuesday, October 13, accusing them of being silent while the pastor abuses girls. They decided to investigate and lots of other victims came out.

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They said their investigations led them to discover that “Timi Adigun had indeed been sexually harassing some of the ladies in the ministry for over 5 years.”


They added that he was “involved in depraved morality with them, including teenagers.”


He reportedly “insisted on a teenager meeting him at a hotel in Lagos from her school that is outside Lagos” and he “told her not to inform her family”.


Though Timi Adigun said in his apology that his wife Titi Adigun was not aware of his escapades, Mine ministry says that is not true.


“His wife Titi Adigun knew about this all along,” the ministry wrote, adding, “She knew about it the very first time it happened and at other times after that.”


“Despite knowing, she still deliberately exposed ladies in the ministry to her husband, accommodating some of them in their home,” the statement adds.


See Full Statement Below:

"Is he really sorry?" Timi Adigun

"Is he really sorry?" Timi Adigun

"Is he really sorry?" Timi Adigun

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