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How To Stay Ahead Of Competition

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Too many to get into here, in this short amount of time.

However, there are some universal strategies and behaviors, that virtually  most successful business owners use, in various industries and niches, to attract hordes of new customers, patients and clients to their businesses.

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But it doesn’t stop with “attract”. My clients also keep these new customers coming back, buying more, or buying higher ticket offers, for months and years to come.

And I will cover some of the most impactful and immediately useful strategies here…

Be warned though.

Making your business extraordinarily successful and growing your personal income to 7-figures, will require a lot from you.

You will have to go against industry norms, peer “advice” and all kinds of messed up personal beliefs, that you hold about your business and the amount of success you deserve.

Most entrepreneurs can’t stomach this load.

They always say they want to finally breakthrough in their business and enjoy a higher income and more personal freedom and satisfaction, but never, ever make the changes necessary.

They get my step-by-step advice on how to grow their business and attract customers on autopilot, maybe implement 10% of it, see a bit of success, but never follow through with other strategies.


You tell me…

I mean….why do you still find doctors, who smoke?

Why do you still hear about broke people going even further into debt?

Why do fat people eat and eat, until they’re obese?

I’ll tell you why.

Laziness and fear.

That’s what keep humans shackled to lives they don’t really want to live.

So, if your lazy, overly fearful about change and risk, more of a “reader” and information horder, rather than success oriented do-er….

Than neither me, nor anybody else, will be able to help you.

Harsh? Yes. True? You be the judge.

But enough ranting.

Let’s dive into practical advice about how to grow your business in this hyper-competitive economy.

Find Your Unique Market Position.
Business success and wealth creation, begins by first answering and then living up to, a couple of deceptively simple questions: Why should customers favor you, over everybody else in your niche or industry? What makes you unique in the eyes of your customers?

You see, customers don’t care how long you’ve been in business. They don’t care that you say you’re “the best”. They just want to know what’s in it for them.

So, what can you provide, that nobody else in your market can or will offer to customers?

And how can you formulate that answer, in a short, punchy and persuasive sentence, that is an irresistible offer to your target audience?

The more specific, the more detailed, the better (while still keeping it short and memorable).

Here’s an actual, real world tested and result-producing example….

“Your house sold in 90 days or less or I’ll buy it. Guaranteed.”

“Hot, fresh pizza in 30 min or it’s FREE.”

“Lose 25lbs of weight in 60 days or get an entire membership year for FREE.”

You can see where this is going…

Again, don’t be lazy about this and really give your Unique Market Position a good think.

It’s the underlying basis for a successful and compelling marketing and sales message.

2. Your NOT in the Business of Selling Whatever It Is Your Selling.

This one is a bit of a head trip for many, as most business owners are very much in love with what they’re selling and don’t think two steps further.

If you’re a plumber, you think you’re selling plumbing services.

If you’re a dentist, you think you’re selling clean and healthy teeth.

If you’re a chiropractioner, you think you’re selling healthy joints.

That’s not really what people are buying.

Yes, of course, people want results, they want solutions to problems, but the thing is: Everybody in your market or industry offers the obvious solutions.

If you want an unfair advantage and the ability to charge the highest prices, while attracting more affluent customers, you have to start selling…


You see, people primarily buy on emotions and use logic, to justify their purchase.

So, another Million Dollar Question you must ask yourself for maximum profits and customer attraction, is….

How can I present my product and service, in a way, that elicits the primary emotion my target market wants to feel or avoid?

If that sounds abstract to you, it needed be….

Going back to our example from above.

If you’re plumber wanting to sell more of your services and products, how can you present your offers as a way, to either save a truckload of money and and avoid pain?

You could run lead generation ads, which read like this, for example….“Is Your House Safe From Bursting Pipes and Dangerous Leaks?”

3. “When Everybody In Your Market Zigs…You’re Going to Zag” or How to Attract More Qualified, Ready-to-Buy Leads than Ever.

A huge mistake I see more than 80% of business owners commit over and over again, is sticking to mediocre or even shitty business strategies, marketing approaches and selling procedures…

ONLY because everybody else in their market is doing so!

It’s the blind leading the blind.

And I can almost guarantee you, if there’s someone in your market running lead generation ads (and that’s a big “if”…), the ad is going to sound like this….

“We’ve been in business for 20 years! Best Widget Makers in Town! Call us today and Get a Quote for a Premium Widget!”

No wonder you think: “Marketing and Advertising DOESN’T work for me and is eating my money. F*ck this.”

Oh really?

Look at yours shitty ad, chief!

First off…Who cares? Everybody and their brother talks about how long they’ve been in business, or how “good” they are.

There’s no Uniqe Market Positioning Statement.

There is not compelling headline, which “pulls” the reader into the rest of the ad and makes them think…”Woa…Wait a sec…I need to find out more!”

And if that wasn’t enough, that ad literally repells perfectly qualified leads away, by stating…”Call us today to get a quote.”

Do you know how this sounds for readers….”Oh, they want to sell me on the phone. No time for that.”

This is like anti-advertising.

So, be really, really careful about how you’re going to run your ads and what your going to say in them.

Don’t be an idiot and run your ads the way everybody runs them.

Don’t try to sell people in your ad.

Remember, the purpose of a lead generation ad, is to attract a lead NOT make a sale.

4. Getting Better at Your Craft or Selling Higher Quality Products DOESN’T Attract Customers by itself.

There’s another huge misconception about what it takes to have above average success in business…

And that is….That you have to have the best products or be the best service provider, to enjoy an income explosion in your business.

That’s only about 10–20% of the success equation.

Listen carefully now….(Million Dollar advice ahead).

Yes, your customers want value, obviously. They want a good product, excellent service and all that.

But that’s almost a given. A barrier to entry.

You see, even if you’re truly the best and highest skilled dentist in town, you can’t really work your “ dentistry magic”, if no one show up to your practice.

Once a patient is sitting in your chair, getting their teeth drilled and smiles improved, then of course, you’re going to do an excellent job and “wow” them, so that they come back for more.

But then again….Which dentist can’t do that?

With a very little variation, everybody in your market is roughly at the same skill level and will do a satisfactory job or sell a quality product.

Or at least, the ones that stay in business long enough to be reading articles like this.

If you’re a shitty service provider or sell shitty products by the way, then don’t look to me for help. You’ve got other problems….

But if you don’t have a system to reliably get more customers in the door, ready to make a purchase, then you can’t “show” how good you are.

So, what is it that attract customers to you? What let’s you unlock an explosion in your income and personal freedom?

Well, it’s the synergistic effect out of a lot of important strategies applied simultaneously.

But it all starts with effective and result pro-ducting MARKETING and SALES.

Because as soon as you’ve found your Unique Market Position, Targeting Emotions and honing in on a specific audience in your messages and using effective lead advertising….

You’ll have the right kind of people lining up, ready to buy from you.

If all of this sounds like a lot of work to you and you don’t know where to start, ask me in the comments .

Good Luck.


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