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‘I Caught STD After Sleeping With My Teacher'(Boy Laments)

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He wrote:

When I had sex with my teacher.

It was the time when I was in final year of my college. I was a very good student , one of the toppers of the college. Actively participated in all the college level sports or debate.. I was lovable.

During final year, I was in daily touch with one of teachers (call her M) because of some event and our college was participating. We were working together on that event.. And for the same, sometimes I used to go her home. During this time I and her developed friendly relation.

It was our third meeting at her place and it was Sunday evening. She asked me if I liked to eat something and then we ordered pizza from Dominos. After pizza we were talking then suddenly hold my hand.. For a while I thought it’s okay.. But then she came closer and kissed me on my neck. I was not ready for this..

We ended up having unsafe sex…

After sometime all went normal in my life. But I caught with gonorrhoea, one kind of STDs.

Life after this was hell.. I was not able to concentrate on my studies, stopped taking participation in all the events… I was all alone, I never felt like that. I was suicidal.

Then I consult a doctor .. I was in medication for six straight month and this six month took a lot from me..

I can’t forgot that patch of life.. Still haunts me.

Guys and girls.. I request all of you to use precaution during sex, you can’t know what can happen to you.

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