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‘I Covered Dad’s Secret And Got A Car At 16’- Girl Narrates

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My mother started screaming my name from her room so I ran in. I was only 15.

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She found a condom behind her bed while cleaning and demanded to know if I was messing around with girls while she was at work, and in their bed.

I was not having sex at that age but I knew the only other explanation was that my dad was… with not my mom.

To tell her the truth would tear our family apart, put my mom’s finances in jeopardy and hurt and embarrass her with family so I lied and took a verbal beating and long lecture from mom. I grew hate for dad overnight.

I saw dad the next morning in the kitchen and I told him mom had found the condom. He just looked at me and said “what condom?” and I told him where and not to worry because I said it was mine.

I got a car on my 16th birthday which was not originally the plan, but now I guess it was. When my brother turned 16 a year and a half later, I asked my dad if he will buy him a car too.

To that he said he could not afford, and as we sat on that living room couch I looked at him and said “I think you can find a way.”, which he did. It is years later but whenever I go visit I still look at him to let him know that I know what he is.


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