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“I Don’t Regret Been Gay” Man Exclaims As He Goes Into Details Of His First Experience

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In the contemporary world,a lot would frown at your sexuality if you are Gay.An anonymous user had shared vividly how it felt to be Gay 

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He wrote:

It felt great, new and exciting and was my first sexual experience ever.

I was only 15 and It was in the Army Cadets, which I only joined because I thought it’d be fun to shoot guns (being in the UK unless you’re a farmer you don’t really get guns easily). I started in the Cadets when I was 13 and I met this guy there who wasn’t so concerned with proving his manliness and wasn’t acting like the stereotypical jock like all the other boys. His name was Collin.

We had a lot in common, but we were only friends in the cadets, we never went to each others house or met outside of the cadets. I don’t really know why. He had this sandy blonde hair, that was styled kinda like Zac Efron’s in High School Musical. He had hazel eyes and was a pretty handsome looking dude, if a little baby faced. I knew I liked the way he looked, but not knowing I was bi-sexual at the time, simply took at as me thinking he was cool and I just knew I liked hanging with him. I knew it was something more than that the first time we all hit the showers together.

I didn’t really mean to look, there at first, most of us boys would consciously try and avoid looking at each others junk, but inevitably we would always turn at the wrong time, or something and see each others cocks at some point or another. I remember seeing Collins for the first time. His penis was long and heavy looking, dangling straight down and fairly thick taking into account the fact he was soft. I noticed he had almost golden coloured curly pubes and his balls were quite big and heavy too, they almost seemed to swing from side to side. I definitely got a hard on and spent most of that shower with my back to him trying to hide it.

The first time anything happened was when we were camping, we’d partnered up and set up a tent together and we were sat next to each other in our sleeping bags and decided we’d keep talking until we felt tired. But we didn’t get tired at all. Whilst we were enjoying chatting we soon realised it was late and we had to be up early the next morning so we tried to sleep, after about half an hour I heard Collin say “Still awake?” I sighed and replied “Yep.” he then came out with something I didn’t expect “You know, if I was at home, I’d probably have a wank, that usually helps me to sleep.” he said it so casually but it shocked me. I laughed it off and said “Yeah. Me too.” and then everything was silent again.

But a while later I could hear Collin tossing and turning and sounding quite agitated so I sat up, and said “If you want, you can just do it, we’re both guys, it’s fine.” and so without a word or hesitation he whipped his cock out and started masturbating. I just watched him, I didn’t know if he was looking at me or knew I was watching, but I couldn’t take my eyes away. It seemed the reason why it looked so long in the shower, was because he was a ‘shower’ more than a ‘grower’ as it stayed pretty much the same but just grew a little bit thicker. I was rock hard and I pulled mine out too. I started wanking whilst looking at his cock and then I noticed he was watching me too. He looked very surprised. I was slightly shorter than him length wise, but far thicker, I’d always known my cock was very thick. Whilst Collins was about the girth of a toilet roll tube, mine was more like a beer can. We both jerked off for a while before I felt his hand on my leg. He let it rest there before hesitantly running it slowly up and down my leg, getting a little closer to my cock now and then. I assume he was testing his luck and gauging my reactions and since I never made any attempt to stop him he continued.

Soon enough he moved his hand between my legs and cupped my balls as I continued jerking my cock. He was no looking right at my face as he rolled my balls around in his hand and gently rubbed them. He then moved his hand up and I felt it on mine and without needing to be told, removed my hand and he started giving me a hand job. Almost instantly I got harder and my cock seemed so hard it almost hurt. For some reason I looked towards him and saw him looking straight into my eyes and I felt something I hadn’t ever felt before. I don’t know why but I took a sort of sharp intake of breath and gasp and then he leaned in and kissed me. I was extremely shocked at first and my eyes were wide open, and my entire body as well as my cock was stiff but then I very quickly felt relaxed, closed my eyes and started to kiss back. Collin continued jerking me off and whilst he did it very differently to me and did a very different pace to my usual one, which felt strange at first, he sort of twisted his hand as he pumped up and down which felt great.

We started to kiss more passionately and our breathing became very heavy and I’d unconsciously moved my hand over to his cock and it felt amazing in my hand. I’d assume it would feel like mine but because it was much skinnier I could fit my entire hand around it and I loved how smooth the skin was and the hard tube like feeling underneath that smooth skin in my palm. I started to jerk him off too and we started using tongue. Collin tasted delicious too and we were now moaning as we kissed. Soon enough we both came and Collin licked my cum off of his hands, and I did the same with his, it tasted quite salty and had a thick, sort of globular consistency but I liked it. We both went to sleep without a word.

The next day was weird, we both acted as if nothing had happened and didn’t mention it even when alone together, we didn’t really talk at all, I was worried we’d ruined our friendship, but then once we were in the tent again, almost instantly Collin got naked and so did I and we did the same thing, but this time half way through Collin stopped and lowered his head towards my dick and looked up at me as if to ask if it was ok, I just looked back, kinda unsure but then he licked it from the base to the tip very quickly and then back down again. I couldn’t help but loudly moan in delight as I felt Collin’s warm, wet tongue gliding up and down my shaft. I couldn’t quite describe how it felt as I’d never ever experienced anything like it before but he continued to lick my cock and began swirling his tongue around the head which almost sent me over the edge. I was breathing very heavily, and gasping and moaning and he then began sucking my head gently and quickly then licking and circling his tongue around it again, before going back to sucking. It was simply mind blowing and I was feeling dizzy.

Collin worked my cock slowly in and out of his mouth. J finally looked down to see his head bobbing up and down between my legs. He stroked the base of my cock with his hand and swallowed my shaft, trying to get every inch of me inside his throat but he couldn’t fit it all in. He gagged and had to pull back up for air, coughing. Collin looked up at me tears in his eyes.

“Sorry.” he said, but before I could say a word he was back to sucking my cock. He forced himself down, his nose buried in my dark pubes. I could hear and feel him gagging as he tried to keep deep throating me but again he had to come back up to breathe. Again he coughed and gasped for air. I was trying to catch my breath myself and was feeling all sorts of pleasure. I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach that seemed to spread from there to my balls and cock and was almost over powering. Disappointed with himself for not being able to deep throat for long he spat on my cock and wanked me off until he heard me starting to moan again, at which point he opened his mouth expectantly and jerked me off faster. I let out a loud grunt and a few seconds later cum shot out from my cock and right onto Collins face and mouth. I shot out a few more strings of cum into his mouth and he swallowed it all down. He then wiped the rest of the cum from his face with his fingers and licked them clean before sucking the small drops of remaining cum off of my dick.

I was going to say thanks but he simply rolled over and went to sleep. I shoved my now soft penis back into my boxers and rolled over too.

Those were my two first every sexual experiences and I loved them both, we ended up fooling around with each other a lot more over the next few years, but it became quite clear Collin was very gay and I was definitely bi. He seemed to be angry at me for that and I think he believed I’d used him like a guinea pig and sometimes I feel a little guilty because i definitely didn’t mean to. Once I left the cadets he never spoke to me again and I haven’t seen him since.


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