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‘I had sex with a celebrity at a Grammy after party and Here’s What it cost me’ – Man Narrates

I historically have shitty birthdays, and this one was no different. Then there is the added fact that I was asleep for NYE, and it took 2 weeks to get my first Happy New Year text. Plainly put, I am the friend who is out of sight, out of mind. I’m okay with it.Read Also: ‘I Cheated On My Wife And I Have No Regrets’ – Man Narrates(Read Full Details)

Suddenly, I get an email saying I got a message on OkCupid. Now, I have not been on dating sites/apps since November, just kinda gave up on it. I tried logging on, but forgot password. I go ahead and email Okcupid.

I log on and see a rather incredibly good looking Hispanic lady. I mean, she was HOT AS FUCK.

I swear she looked like this, physique and all. With a PHAT ASS.

Naturally, I assumed catfish. So I blew her away. Next day, more messages. So I asked her to send me an image on kik, with the camera app to prove she was real. She did.

I instantly went from “nobody wants me” to THIRST MODE. We talked all day Saturday, till about 3am Sunday. Before we both logged off, I asked her to come to an afterparty with me. She agreed.

Sunday, I texted 3 people I knew had the connect, and luckily, I got added to the list of a private party.

We met at 9:30pm went to eat dinner and had drinks. I was astounded by how intelligent she was. Her Instagram was full of half naked selfies, so naturally, I assumed another dumb pretty face. She is in law school.

Post date, we then went to the private Grammy party. Beautiful people, drinks, laughs and connections being made. It was a good time, till a very known female celebrity kept staring at us. She asked if I knew the lady, I said I didn’t. Eventually, the lady came over and introduced herself. (we both clearly knew who she was) and we got to talking. She asked if I wanted to smoke some weed, I agreed, my date declined. We went off to smoke in a bedroom upstairs. While there, we got to talking, she told me she had never been with a black guy, complimented me. One thing led to another and we began making out.

Before I could realize it, things got more heated. Then we went off to the bathroom and began having sex. While in there, we were walked in on twice. First by the host, who said “Hell yeah” and closed the door. Second time by my date. No excuses being made here, but I was kinda intoxicated, and it was a hot celeb. So I didn’t stop.

When it all ended, I went down to look for my date and apologize. I wasn’t expecting any more dates after that, but I wanted to say something like “C’mon, You would have fucked Idris Elba if he took you to the bathroom. Plus, we just met” Because she kept talking about wanting him to be there. She was nowhere to be found. When I’d call, it went straight to voicemail. She blocked me on OkCupid, Instagram and I am guessing text too.

Tried contacting her again the day after, and on Tuesday. Once each time. I took the hint.

I really don’t know if I have regrets or not.

Like I said, Those who read my posts will know that being in a room full of celebs in nothing new for me. Having sex with on one on the day we meet? 4th time. Having sex with one on the day I meet her while on a date? 1st time

Don’t know if I was a douche bag for this.

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