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‘I Had Sex With My Husband’s Friend And Father-Inlaw ‘- Woman Narrates

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In the core of this world lies deep secrets that can’t be let out in the open .When asked on social media what secret you would be willing to share but anonymously ,this woman had this to say…Read Read Also: Checkout Loved Up Photos Of Timi Dakolo And Wife As They Workout

She wrote:


Secret 1: I have sex with my husband’s friend whenever we find time.

Secret 2: My father-in-law used me for sex many times.

Now don’t judge me before reading my story.

My husband, I and my father-in-law live in Chennai in an apartment. I and my husband are married since 2 years. It was an arranged marriage and my parents live in Kanyakumari. We were happy for the first few days until I found that he was an addict to alcohol. He had just given up drinking for few weeks before and after marriage after his dad constantly persisted him not to drink saying that the girl and their family would reject the proposal if he drinks. But he was not able to give up for more than few weeks after marriage. He started drinking again because of course, the marriage is over.

He came back home unstable most of the nights. Sometimes he even feel on roads and in the bars and I used to take autorickshaws to bring him home. Initially I believed that I can change him. I tried understanding why he wants to drink. He sat near him in the morning and asked politely. But he said it’s none of my business. I tried all that I could do. I tried taking, I cried, I even said that I will go back to my parents. But he never changed. On the other hand, my parents never knew any of this. They were thinking that I was happy with my husband.

While all this happened, my father-in-law kept quite the entire time watching them politely. He never cared. I once talked to him as well saying that he is coming back home drinking every night and we should take him to rehabilitation center. But he just said “why should I care about him? He will never change. I tried all I could. He killed my wife because of his attitude and now he wants to kill both of us with the same attitude. He will never change”

I asked him back “Then why did you marry me with him?”

He started crying pleeding me too forgive him and even feel in my legs. I felt very bad for him. But I was totally frustrated with my life. On the other hand, I was a working lady and the work pressure was also killing me. So I decided to resign my job and try to change to husband by caring him full-time. But that didn’t work as well.

I took him to rehabilitation centers. He didn’t stay there for more than 2 days. I even followed him whenever he went to bars and pubs for few days. I used to sit in a different table right in front of him in the pubs. He never cared but drank. I took my friend with me everytime since I was too scared to go alone. I and my friend were even molested by the other men in the bar. One rich guy even approached us asking us to have a threesome with him for 15000 rupees each. He called us “bitches” when we refused. He kept abusing us that night with all possible ill words that you could imagine. My friend who is actually a very brave girl gave up and refused to come with me after that incident. I had to give up too.

Then one day it was 11pm at night and I got a call from an unknown number. I picked to hear my husband’s friend Shyam’s voice who said that my friend had drunk too much and fallen in his home. He asked me to bring my car since he don’t have one to take him to our home. I know Shyam very well as my friend’s husband and he is a very nice guy.

He don’t drink. My husband had drunk too much and gone to his home and fallen there. I went to his home and found my husband lying flat on the bed. I tried walking him to the car and he was not conscious. So Shyam suggested to stay at his home that night. I agreed and left my husband on the bed and went to the living room to sit on the couch.

I and Shyam were talking about life and began crying at the peek of my voice. He tried consoling me but failed. Shyam is the first person to whom I have shared all my problems. I cried and cried and cried for more than 30 minutes and all the time he was trying to console me.

He was too nice to me. He cooked food for me and we had dinner together. At the end of the dinner (I still crying slowly), he got up to cross me to go to the wash basin. I grabbed his hand and hugged him tight. He was shell shocked. But he believed that I wanted a hug. So he hugged me back. And I then asked him for sex. Yes I was deeply wanting it and yes I was not ashamed. I wanted sex. After a huge silence for about 20 minutes, he proceeded and ‘that’ thing happened between us. We continue it until now and no one else knows.

On the other side my father-in-law used me for sex too whenever my husband was not at home. He pleaded me for sex saying that he is also a human. I refused at the beginning. But he forced me at some time for which I had to agree. I don’t like to go in details about it since I know that it is awkward and wrong!


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