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‘ I had sexual relationship with my maids At Age 1O’ – Man Narrates

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In the world of dark secrets ,an anonymous user had shared how he had sexual contacts with his maids at age 10.Read Also: 22 Simple Daily Habits That Would Make You Look Smarter And Healthier

He wrote:

I was born into a pretty wealthy family, my parents spend a lot time outside, meeting clients, lobbying and all sort. So we were often left with our maids at home. There were 5 of us and each of us had our own maid, which all were female maids (We also had gardener, pool technician, cleaner, cook, private tutor and etc).

We also had our own rooms, at noon, we would go to our own room and sleep while our maid accompany each of us. One day, I was asleep in my room with my maid, she would lay next to me. As she lay next to me, I felt the urge to touch her, like a hug. She let me hugged her. From then on, it escalated quickly. Slowly I grabbed her bra and touch it, slowly squeezing it. Then I kissed her on her cheeks, then her lips. Next thing you know I was discovering intimacy at a very early age. I never had intercourse, it was mostly touching and very light kissing. FYI, she was around 17–19 at the time.

This went on for months. We created code called ‘coin’ which mean nap time. When she walked pass me around the house with my family around, I would say ‘coin’ and she would looked away and smile.

Then things got weirder from there. One of my brother maid was really close with my maid. I figured she had told her about me and my ‘coin’. Then one noon, she would join in my nap time. My maid would lay on one side, my brothers on the other side. They would touch me, and I did the same to them. There were times they ended up kissing each other, to be honest, at that time it was foreign to me, lesbian. But I just watched them. I kissed both girls, I touch both girls breast, I touched their thighs, everything. But never the vagina, I didn’t know vagina existed. Seriously.

Again, it went on for months. Eventually my brothers maid quit and I never had seen her since nor did I remember what she looked like. But, my maid, believe it or not, she is married to my family driver, who is now working as a driver for the family business I am currently running. Plus they have 2 kids and last month a grandson. I guess she also never told her husband, why would she? Although I do feel a slight guilt when I meet my driver who still works for me. So I met her quiet often. and him. I felt a sense of guilt for sure.

I am now 26 years old, I pretend nothing ever happened during my childhood, when I meet her I would never talk about it.None of my siblings know, none of my friends, my ex girlfriend, my current girlfriend, no one, except me and her. I dont think people will ever understand me or believe me.

So yea, that is my confession.


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