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‘I miss my sister more than I miss Sex,Her Husband Won’t let Me See Her’ – Man Exclaims (Read)

An Anonymous User shared this story ,He wrote:’My parents still don’t know that my sister and I used to have sex all the time’.Read Also: Dating One Man For Long Is Boring” – Sexy Ghanaian Lady Explodes

We were always home alone and are very close in age. She is actually the one who started things. She used to love to flash me when she started getting breasts, and then she taught me about masturbating, which led to oral, which led to intercourse.

Because we had so much privacy we were having sex often more than once a day throughout our teens. We would look up all sorts of things online and then try them. There wasn’t much that two people can do that we didn’t try at least once.

I think our parents were happy that we didn’t date, we were both straight-A students and I think they just thought we were nerds. They used to brag about how well we got along. We rarely tempted things with them around, no intimacy or anything, even though we would cuddle and hold hands and what not when we were alone. My sister did love to flash me when they were there and she knew they wouldn’t see, because she loved to know that I would have an erection and be trying to hide it. We had sex a few times with them home but decided to stop because it was too risky.

The year my sister went off to college was very difficulty for me, because I had been used to such frequent sex I was basically addicted. She struggled too, we would video chat a lot and she told everyone at college that I was her boyfriend. My parents allowed to me to take their car up and see her a few times (about 3 hours away). She shared a room so we would always end up having sex in the bathroom or in the car up a canyon or going camping if the weather was good.

The next year I moved up there and we got a place together off campus. It was amazing, we lived like a couple and only had to weather a few awkward visits from our parents. Then we had a pregnancy scare and things started to change. We agreed to start seeing other people, although we would still end up sleeping together all the time. Eventually we both had relationships with other people, and I decided to move out.

The worst part though is that she got married and in pre-marital counseling she told her husband (then fiance) and he did not take it well. Still married her but blames me for everything and doesn’t want me in her life at all. My parents were upset that I wasn’t in the wedding, and he didn’t even want me to come but respected my sister’s wishes that our parents not know and that would have tipped them off. The tension is palpable so she just told them that he hates me because I told him he wasn’t good enough for her.

I still love her like a sister, so it’s hard for me and hard for me not to hate him, although I understand I am more like an ex to him than her brother. Now she is pregnant and I know that I’m not going to get to be a fun uncle or anything.

So now even though I loved it for so long, I wish it never happened and we never crossed that line, because I miss my sister way more than I miss the sex.

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