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‘I would bang anyone I get – as hard as I can’ – Man Exclaims As He Vows To Cheat On His Wife (Read Story)

I am IT Consultant and I live a pretty stressful work life. Read Also:  Pretty Lady Who Lost Virginity At 13 Reveals Her Darkest Secret (Read)

My wife – whom I married after dating for years, is a doctor – she also has a pretty stressful work life.

Being from India – we had to fight her parents to get married because her parents never wanted a ‘non-doctor’ son-in-law. We had had sex a couple of times before marriage.

We got married and there was no limits to my joy. We set up a home , she found a job near by and we fucked like crazy (yeah , 3–4 times a day crazy). It was the happiest 1 month of my life , because it lasted exactly one month.

She soon got a masters seat in Medicine , and I was overjoyed when she did as well. I wasn’t financially strong enough to support her education so I had suggested taking an education loan.

This is where her wealthy parents chip in – They fully funded her education and I had nothing to say in it. She left to another city for Masters and grew away from me inch-by-inch , and closer to her parents who she detested before.

Through the course of 3 years , we used to meet once every month and get to dip the meat a couple of times. However , things took a dramatic turn in second year. She used to fully enjoy experimenting and used to get genuine orgasms before , but suddenly she started turning away from sex and more into Abstinence.

It was more and more apparent with every visit of mine ( or when she visited) she also grew away emotionally as well. It got to a point where she would stop me from doing any foreplay – and just guide the stick in instead( to get over with it quickly) and would fake orgasms.

I get excited along with her and any show of lack of interest simply puts me off and makes me lose steam – I am not a machine you see?

In the third year – everything abruptly stopped. She started getting headaches , getting sick and what not just about the time we would meet. Also , all the romantic talks – dirty chats had stopped long back. The customary ‘i love you’ with which we used to finish calls for years together – ceased to exist. I tried sorting the relationship differences out but it never got better.

Then I traveled to another country and she got Job in the best NGO of this world – we are separated by countries now. It has been nearly an year since I had sex.

She wants divorce from me – because she feels we can never be together and there are more differences than commonalities between us. We may soon file for divorce. Her parents are grinning ear to ear now , looks like they liked revenge on me more than they loved their daughter. My wife also feels I am the biggest hurdle between her and ‘greatness’.

Am done trying sorting this shit out. I now feel the fight is futile , and is going to just hurt me more and delay the eventual outcome and not change it.

Frankly – I don’t care of this amounts to ‘cheating’ by legal terms or online feminist terms , Enough hiding and abstaining – I am going out and getting hooked.


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