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Incredible Love Coincidence

New year party. I saw a girl in yellow coat and black dress. She was adorable. I kept following her for amost 2 hours but she didn’t notice.

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Then there was this event of lightning skylanterns when clock strikes 12. There were 3–4 people distributing lanterns at a place and it was crowded as everyone was rushing towards that place.

I went into the crowd and intentionally got two skylanterns so that I can offer one to her and we both light skylantern together. I offered her the lantern and she refused. I went back, lit skylanterns with my friends, exchanged new year greetings and started walking towards my room. For one last time, I again spotted that girl dancing.

I stood for 2 minutes and thought let me see for one last time as I am never gonna see her again. I don’t know who she is, where she is from, what’s her name, is she single or not, did she even notice my face when I gave her the lantern. So I walked away thinking that it was the last time.

A few days later, I go to my lab where I had just started working on my thesis. And what I see there blows out my mind and eyes. She is the same ‘new year’ girl and works there as well.

Fast forward –

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