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Indecent Dressing In Nigeria

Dressing is a necessary and common way of personality appearance in the society.

It is one of the essential ways of life as it either shows how modest or shameless someone can be in the society.

The idea of dressing can be traced back to the time of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden after they ate the forbidden fruit, an act that mae them of their nakedness, which led them to covering their bodies with fig leaves.

In Nigeria,dressing has been in existence even before the country was colonized by the whites, but with the advancement in technology and modernization, the concept of dressing decently is gradually beccoming a thing of the past.

The idea of looking well dressed, has therefore led so many people especially the youths into different kinds of dress styling patterns in a bid to stay trendy.

We now make use of shirt skirt, trousers, shoes and bags of different designs, also make -ups to enhance our beauty in other to suit our dressing.

On campuses today, students have taken dressing as a competition. As a student who sees his/her course mate dressing gorgeously to kill or sexy, one will be forced to do same.

Indecent dressing has brought about immorality and also promoted one form of social vices or another such as sexual harassment ,promiscuity, seduction, covetousness, stealing, and a host of others, among students on campus and in the society at large.

Indecent dressing has also had its toll on the academic perfomance and capability of some students as some spend time looking for money to buy indecent dresses instead of using the money on important things.

Youths now a days have caused so much havoc all in the name of fashion and all those who want to belong to the big boys and girls crew no longer concentrate on school activities, rather they are distracted by irrelevant things such as cultism, prostitution, internet fraud, mingling with bad friends, smoking, and even stealing.

Itbis paramount to conclude that indecent dressing has become a menace to the society and the government should do something about the issue of indecent dressing in Nigeria, especially amongs the youths.

Youths should always remember that charity should not end at home, rather than getting too engrossed in crazy fashion, they should take their education, jobs seriously.

Indecent dressing is a plague.

Good behavior they say accommodates decent dressing.

Musa Bisoye is a student of Mass Communication, Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo

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