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Interested In Dating Women 10 Years Older Than You?Here Are Two Factors To Consider

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She wrote:

I won’t advise you on how to score, but I can give you this very valuable piece of advice that is golden.

Most divorced women 40+ years old, are by far the most receptive to hearing what you have to say, and giving it reasonable, rational consideration.

You’ll probably find the sex to be the best you’ve ever had, and the easiest, low stress relationship you’ve ever been in. They’re not ‘easy sluts’; they just don’t ‘play difficult’ like your average twenty-something year old girls.

And, they’re very easy to spot if you know what to look for.

Divorced women over 40 generally come in two classifications.

1- The 1,000 mile stare of the walking dead. You can spot this easily. They seem detached and give off an aura of ‘stay away’. They don’t make eye contact for long and when they do it’s like they are 1,000 miles away and not really looking at you.

My heart goes out to these women. They have been to the front lines of enemy fire and left lying alone in an emotional ditch, bleeding-out.

Whether or not they deserved it is not the point. In terms of dating, these women are in desperate need of healing, and either aren’t interested in dating, or they’re looking for a shoulder to cry on. They are the least likely to take a spin in your Vietnamese sex swing.

They are the most likely to tell you exactly why men are such worthless bastards. Especially their ex. Voted most likely to become the proverbial ‘crazy cat lady’ in your neighborhood.

2- Spare me the Bullshit games. This is probably women at their absolute finest. Why? Because they have been there, done that, and learned from their mistakes.

They’ve already gone through the Bridezilla events; went through their Stepford Wives phase, followed by their Prozac stage, the feast & famine cycles, the bitter divorce stage and eventually came to terms with the reality of her situation.

She understands that she too made lots of mistakes, and finally picked themselves up by thier bootstraps and put it behind them. They know they can’t fix the past, and have entered a new chapter.

Now, they are properly aged and perfectly chilled. The last thing in the world they want is emo games. They are not in a hurry to play house, and they want some personal breathing space, so they’re affectionate but not clingy.

They’re survivors, and their self confidence and self esteem is probably the highest it’s ever been in their lives.

They are interested in a no-bullshit situation/relationship with someone who totally understands what that means.

Bottom line: These women are the least likely to be a high maintenance, neurotic, insecure mess desperately looking for a place to land.

Best of luck!

*Compiled by J&M

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