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Is Your Appearance Affecting Your Life?(Read This)

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This  story was shared by Veronika Kostova a Marketing Expert on Social Media is Inspiring and a lesson about people who their appearance has affected positively or the other way round.

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She wrote:

A lot. I know that I’m prettier than average and it has always made things easier for me.

I hand the privilege to grow up in a family that taught me self worth. I know what I’m capable of. I know what I can do and I know what I cannot do. I’m not saying that i’m in love with myself, it’s actually the opposite: I’m always criticizing myself and see things that I need to improve. I’m learning my whole life and I believe one should never stop to improve himself/herself.

Now on to my appearance.

I’m a 6.2ft/189 cm female with a nice face, long hair and an athletic body. I’m no model but I look good. That in combination with my personality makes me pretty intimidating. A lot of my friends told me that after we got to know each other. I often don’t notice. People can be hesitant when approaching me.

How has this affected my life?

In school I never had problems. I know that people could have made fun of my height but they didn’t. I had and still have a big gap in my upper front teeth. It’s clearly visible. I can stuck the tip of my tongue in it. That was also never a problem. People always said that it actually makes me look cute. I either didn’t let weird comments get to me or must have shut people down real quick. I don’t even remember ever having any uncomfortable encounters.

Same goes for my time in University. I was (thanks to my genes) playing a sport for my school. That of course helped me to stay in shape. I made friends easily. I remember how a professor told me after I handed in my final exam: “You are very beautiful, smart and charismatic, make good use of it!” This Professor wasn’t the only one to tell me stuff like that.

Nowadays things are still similar. I just notice more how people look at me. I’m just hella tall. It’s fun.

So yes, my appearance has affected my life. I already said that I was very fortunate with all the people that I grew up with and that shaped my life. I’m confident. I know that I can dominate the room with my appearance and charisma if I want. People want to listen to me. I’m still young and I know that looks will fade but I rely more on my personality.

I can say that as long as you feel comfortable in your own skin you will look great to everyone around you. Fuck the haters. But don’t be cocky or ignorant. If someone’s tells you something about yourself, may it be your body or your personality, than listen! You might learn something that can help you to improve.


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