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Israel Is The Place In The World Where The Toughest Civilian Lives(See Reasons)

Everyone carries a gun in Israel says Roland Bartetzko he wrote:

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I was surprised when I saw all these beautiful girls on a Friday night queuing up in front of a night club, each of them with an American M4 rifle over her shoulder and a spare mag in her purse.isr

A very common sight in Israel. When you are on active military duty, you have to carry your gun with you all the time. (Photo: toktokmedia)

Israel has mandatory military service for men and women and is probably the most militarized society on the planet.

The people’s general attitude is also lacking any attempts to appear “civil” (i.e. polite or refined). When I asked an Israeli at the airport how you say “please” and “thank you” in Hebrew, he answered me: “you won’t need these words here, we almost never use them.”

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