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Kanye West Celebrates Kim Kardashian with a string orchestra on Mother’s Day

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Kanye West showed just how much he values his wife Kim Kardashian, by hiring a string orchestra to wake her on Mother’s Day.

Playing a medley of songs, the violins and cello players provided a fairytale start to the day for the 35-year-old, who shared a series of Snapchats of them performing the surprise private concert in her Bel Air home.


‘Mother’s Day surprise in my living room!’ wrote the thrilled reality star – who didn’t seem to mind missing out on the traditional lie-in.

In classic Kanye style, the perfectionist musician had obviously created the dreamlike scene himself.

The female musicians wore flowing white skirts, and sat evenly spaced on a cream woolen rug with their sheet music in front of them.

The group of ten violin and cello players were placed in front of the Kanye-designed floor to ceiling two-storey glass wall, which sent the early morning sunlight flooding over them.

Kim and daughter North snuggled as they watched the scene below from the raising landing outside their rooms, having been woken by the music.

Among other tunes the orchestra played Tomorrow from the film Annie, and Let It Go from Frozen – both obviously picked with three-year-old North in mind.

And Kanye didn’t stop there.
Setting the bar higher than ever, the doting father and husband presented Kim with a bench bedecked in pink flowers, which she shared an image of online.


Of course, Kanye has every reason to pamper his wife this Mothers’ Day.

The reality star welcomed son Saint in December –  a feat worthy of celebrating in style.

Meanwhile Kim herself was celebrating her own mother – taking to her paid-for website to share her thoughts.

‘As a daughter, granddaughter, sister and a mother of two myself, I consider all the moms in my life to be the strongest women I know,’ she wrote, alongside a picture of her mother Kris Jenner and maternal grandmother Mary Jo.

‘It’s so important to remember the women who brought us into the world and everything they do for us. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!!!’



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