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Did You Know That Bad Breath, Low Sex Drive, Headaches Could Be Signs of Vitamin Deficiency

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Did you know that that bad breath of yours, low sexual performance during sex and constant headaches may be as a result of lack of appropriate vitamins in your body system.

Often times we suffer from bad breath, cracked lips and terrible headaches due to vitamin and mineral deficiency.

According to findings by Healthspan, most adults do not know they are suffering from a Vitamin Deficiency or another.

Did you know that your cracked lips could be due to lack of Iron or Vitamin C.

Sometimes the dandruff on your hair could result from lack of Biotin, vitamin B7 or essential fatty acids deficiencies.

Thinning hair can also be caused by lack of Iron and Vitamin C.

Dry Skin can also result from a deficiency in Omega-6 essential fatty acid deficiency


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