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Kuje Prison On Fire(Video)

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A major fire has engulfed in several buildings inside Kuje prison, Abuja, SR reports.

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The fire reportedly started around 10:45 am. A group calling itself the Prisoners Against Injustice in Nigeria (PAIN) has claimed responsibility for the fire.

PAIN made the claim in a handwritten statement posted on the prison notice board before it was hurriedly removed by the prison authorities. PAIN said the attack was meant to draw the attention of the world to the pathetic state of prisons and corruption within prison services.

“Corrupt politicians who have looted the treasury only spend a few days in prison and are given special treatment while the poor man who stole a mobile phone is awaiting trial for years without bail,” said PAIN.

The group added, “While corrupt judges have never stepped their foot into the cells as inmates, their trials are speedy and they have not been made to face the same fate they have subjected so many others too,” the group added.

“The affected buildings are the moribund Clinic block, Custody 2, which is the congested home to 153 Awaiting Trial Inmates, Convicts block (custody 3) where 322 inmates are crammed into, and Custody 4, another Awaiting Trial block where additional 306 inmates are packed in like sardines.”


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