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‘Lack Of Penile Erection Is Ruining My Life ‘ – Man Exclaims(read story)

An anonymous user had shared what major problem he has online and it quiet touching ,Erections!!!.Below this post I will share a formula that you might want to try if you have similar problem.

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He wrote: 

I won’t brag like other 50 year old about boners.

I am 26 and I have a hard time getting an erection. I never had sex but I knew from my masturbating experience. If I get one it doesn’t lasts very long. A bit of research , and I knew it was partial Erectile dysfunction with premature ejaculation.

I recently ended my first and perfect relationship after confessing this to my girlfriend. She cried ,and called me homosexual , (yes , having a sexual problems changed my sexual orientation) , impotent what not.

I somehow gathered courage and shared this with my parents who were forcing me to get married. My father is still in disbelief that his son isn’t “man” enough. His son is “impotent”.

After providing for a family of five , sending my brother to best school of town , helping financially in my sister’s wedding , I am still not “man enough”, I am still not “potent” , because my penis won’t get really stiff.

I live in India and conditions are way more challenging here. Genuine Sexologist urologist are tough to find. They know a person wont take legal action due to stigma attached to this and so they make fool out of already depressed patients.

Things are tough. Soon I’ll get 27. The question of my marriage from relatives is haunting my parents. For most of the time I feel like killing myself , but I don’t because I want to provide for my younger brother and parents. I don’t know for how much more time I’ll be able to bear this suffering.

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