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Lady Blasts Men Editing #silhouettechallange Videos


Damilohun, a user on the micro blogging site has blasted men editing #silhouettechallange videos to reveal the nudity of ladies.


Rayo Network recalled that the #silhouettechallange started some hours ago and has since met with different response.

Reacting to the viral claim that some men have began editing videos to reveal the nude of participants, Damilohun condemned this group of men, tagging them as predators.

She said, ”Those of you editing to reveal women’s nudity; You’re as terrible as the men that are predators. The men you call animals, the men you call beasts. You’re the same with them, you’re just one step lower on the Rape Culture Pyramid.

”You’re all the same oh. Birds of a feather, Omo Iya kan ni gbogbo yin

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