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Lady Blasts Men Who Gives Their Girlfriends 5K When They Demand Higher Amount


A Nigerian lady, @fadererah_ has taken to social media to blast men who give their girlfriend N5k when they ask for more.

According to her those categories of men who will slash the money their ladies demand, don’t deserve to be in a relationship

She made her opinion known in a recent post she shared via her page on the microblogging platform, Twitter yesterday.

Taking to her Twitter handle on Tuesday evening, @Fadererah_ tweeted “Your GF asked you for 80k and u said all u can give her is 5k??? Haaa 😂 Ani Damu 🤣🤣😂🤣 ogbeni u don’t deserve to be in a relationship 😂”

Her opinion has sparked outrage and mixed reactions from social media users especially from the male folks who felt it’s awkward and inconsiderate for a lady to have such a mindset in a relationship.

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