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Lady Who Was In Coma For 3 Days Narrates Her Near Death Experience(Read)

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Sara Alexi an Author who resides in a Greek village shares her near death experience online .Read Also: ‘I Caught STD After Sleeping With My Teacher'(Boy Laments)

She Wrote:

I have had a near death experience after a car crash in which I broke my neck. My experience was moving fast in some kind of wall-less tunnel until I came to the edge of that tunnel and I looked down onto a sea of people made of light engaged in some activity.

A person appeared on my left and took my wrist in their hand. This person was made of light and where they touched me I too was becoming light. A second person stood next to the first as the first talked to me.

I have no recollection of what was said. Two people I knew, also made of light, (but now I have now no idea who they are or what was said) came to talk to me, meanwhile my hand was now made of light and the light was creeping up my arm, I was becoming light.

Meanwhile I was almost over powered by this incredible feeling of love the like of which I have never experienced before or after. This was where I belonged, I was whole and I loved just as much in return.

But, just for a second, and I do mean the most fleeting nano second, I doubted I should be there and I was spun back into my hospital bed where I desperately wished to return to this place.

Apparently at the time, the doctors told my dad, that I had died for about three minuets and then seemed to have lost the will to live. I had. All I so wanted to go back to this place of love and light and I spent the following week trying to force myself back up the tunnel.

I came out of what they term a ‘coma’ after three days and told no one of my experience for at least ten years. It felt too precious, too sacred.


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