‘Law Gives Me Security But Influencing Brings Me Passion’ – Letícia Andrade

Letícia Andrade, 26, has narrated why she left her career in law to pursue modeling and social media influencing.

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Andrade, a lawyer by profession, specialized in criminal services. She later chose to flaunt her beauty and body on Instagram because becoming an influencer has always been her dream.

According to her, she was very interested in criminal law as it offered a range of “financial possibilities” for her.

She said: “Every law student or at least a large part of them is very interested in this topic due to the challenges this area brings.

“Law gives me security but fashion and this digital world of influencing brings me passion, fascination and it’s very different.”

Now Letícia, says she is living her “dream” by being an Instagram model posting sexy photos on the internet.

She also says one of the reasons why she ditched her law career is because it’s hard to gain recognition as a female lawyer

The model added: “It’s difficult to get the respect of being treated and seen as equal with a man.

“We are very underestimated and we have to show much more service to achieve a certain credibility in the market.”

She explained: “It is very hard, but if you organize yourself properly, you can do everything for now.”

Speaking about her body care routine, she revealed: “Every day I do heavy skincare, and I try to follow a schedule of hydration in the hair.”


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