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Life After Death?Read Story Of Man Who Died For 5 Minurtes

Life after death has been a topic of argument for many even thought leaders ,as some believe there is an eternal life while others don’t.This story shared by Robert Zhaiac might be convincing but yet not to many.Read Also:  5 Things That Do Not Matter In Life

He wrote:

I seldom tell this story because of the fear that people will think me crazy.  But here goes.  I had a high fever when I was 25 years old.  My young wife was un able to cope.  She repeated several times that if my temperature went up another degree, she was calling an ambulance.  This happen four times and I was really burning up.

In desperation, with only the thought of getting the heat out of my body, I staggered to the bathroom to take a cold shower.  When the water hit me, I collapsed and fell face down on the floor of the tub.

The next thing I knew was that I was looking down at my body from near the ceiling.  Before I continue, I want to make it clear that I had never read a thing about near death experiences.

My first reaction what that I was so relieved physically.  I remember sighing before I realized that I had no lungs.  My thoughts went something like this – “Uh oh, Now I’ve done it.  I think I am dead.  Hey, this not so bad.”  I was happy that I still had consciousness.  It was not the dreaded non existence.

I then looked at my body laying below me and realized that I had never seen myself from the back before.  Very fascinating.  I stared at it for a minute or so.  I also felt that I was free to go anywhere I wanted.

I then felt that there was a tunnel behind me and turned to look down the tunnel.  I had an impression that there would be light at the end, but I did not actually see it.  I was tempted to go down the tunnel to see it, but the thought hit me that if I did, I would never be back.

I then looked at my body and asked myself if I was ready to leave it forever.  But it was a young body and I decided not to go.  I felt that I could find the tunnel again if I died.

I hovered down to position my self, entity, spirit, soul, what every you want to call it, and then took a moment to prepare to go back into the body.  I knew it would be back to the pain I had just left behind a few minutes earlier.

I ducked my spirit head into my physical head, kind of like an old Topper movie, and I was back.  Back to the fever and the pain.

I told some people about the experience an got quite a few theories about it ranging from a dream brought on by the fever, to a belief that I had actually died and come back, plus a few in between.

It was years later that I walked by a paper book rack and saw a book about near death experiences.  I picked it up and read accounts of other who had similar experiences.  I thought “Yes, this is like what happened to me.”

But when I read about the tunnel and the light, I was shocked.  Since that time I have read a bit about theories others have expressed ranging from scientific to spiritual, and still do not know what really happened.

All I am reporting is my first hand experience.

If you have had a near death experience ,you can share your story in the comment section

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