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Little Mistakes That Could Cause An Accident Or Take Your Life

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Objects lodged under brake pedal can be risky and may lead to an accident.  If you think you cannot be hurt by loose objects during a car accident, think again.


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Always remember to never keep objects in the driver’s foot-space because these items can move and reduce your ability to use the pedals.

They may get lodged under either the brake or the gas pedal, causing the driver to possibly lose control which could ultimately lead to a possible wrongful death accident.


When the foot is moved from the accelerator pedal to the brake pedal, especially when going over a bump, the heel portion of the shoes can easily become loose.

The heel of the shoe will fall below the brake pedal at this stage, causing an obstruction.

When the brake is obstructed when the vehicle is speeded up, it could lead to a serious accident


Canned or bottled drinks left on the vehicle floor can slide over to the underside of the driver’s brake pedal,

where it can get lodged when the vehicle is in motion, thereby causing the brakes to be non-operable.

You should always keep the inside of your car clean and organized.

Being aware of everything under your seat can prevent a car accident caused by a loose object.

An empty bottle, tennis ball, or various objects can move from under the seat and cause a pedal jam and lead to a car accident.


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