Lmao!!!50 Men Named Ben Got Dumped After Man Was overheard bragging about cheating On His Girlfriend On A Train

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In a tweet that has been retweeted 24,000 times, Twitter user Emily Shepherd disclosed she overheard a man identified as ‘Ben’ boasting about his ‘sex conquest’ and cheating on his girlfriend while travelling on a train.Read Also: Lady Allegedly loses friend at LUTH because there was no bed space and consultants

According to Emily who launched a manhunt after the eavesdropping session, the girlfriend of the cheating man should dump him.

She tweeted:
‘If anyone has a boyfriend called Ben on the Bournemouth – Manchester train right now, he’s just told his friends he’s cheating on you. Dump his ass x’


The tweet however was met with mixed reaction as some slammed Emily over her attempts to expose Ben’s unfaithfulness, telling her to ‘mind her own business’.

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