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Man Batters Wife For Dragging His Mother On The Ground(photos)

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A man in his early 40’s, whose wife was rescued from his grips, while he was beating her, has said that he was provoked by her ill-treatment of his sick mother.

At the moment, his wife, Joy Abiagan, is nursing an injury in her right eye in a hospital in Ogun State.

The victim, who also complained of body pains, accused her husband of striping her naked in public at their Ifo home, Ogun State. When contacted, her husband, Francis Abiagan, accused his wife of being disrespectful to his ailing mother.

According to him, “I have been married for 10 years. My mother had stroke and no one was available to give her special care.

My greatest undoing was to bring her home, as my wife would not allow her a moment of rest. “I have been accommodating all her siblings, but in return for my gesture, they (siblings) have turned my life into a nightmare.

“First, she started by starving her so I decided to hire a house help, who would be cooking and caring for her. “But the humiliation on my mother came to a height after my wife was seen dragging my mother on the ground, calling her a witch.

I have been enduring all other insults, but I could not bear this particular one. “She told the cook not to come again. The church where we worship organised several meetings for us, urging her to change, but she refused. “I gave her the treatment she deserves.”

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