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Man Shares His Experience After His Wife Denied Him Sex(Have You been Denied?)

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A man named Jacob Field has shared his bitter experience after his wife denied him sex.Are you a man ?have your wife denied you sex ?you can also share your experience or how you felt in the comment section.Read Also:  10 Things You Should Definitely Do Before Turning 30

He wrote:

I am one of those husbands who have gotten angry when denied sex.

And I will share with you why. I will probably get a lot of hate for this but I will state my truth.

Too often women use sex as a way to manipulate men and treat them like dogs which is sad. If you are a good boy you get a treat, if you do something your wife doesn’t like, you can forget about it. This is the attitude I dislike.

Men are usually taught to hide their emotions since they are young and sex with a loved one is a way to connect with the person we love.

When sex is used as a tool to train your man like a dog, it backfires because your man is smarter than a dog and will really figure out that they have a highly conditional, manipulative relationship where love, touch and affection are denied them for reasons that may not entirely be obvious to them.

I was not angry because I felt entitled to my first wife’s body. Being entitled means that I think I have a right to do what I want whenever I want. There was always consent and any man knows that they can only control their actions not their partners decisions. In other words it is the woman’s choice, men have zero power here.

When I got married for me it was an agreement between us that we would try our best to fulfill each other’s physical and emotional needs. That we would care about each other and do our best to help each other. Yes showing love and affection and having sexual relations are a huge part of this.

I felt angry for being denied one of my main outlets for showing love and affection. But most of all I felt lonely and unloved.

What still upsets me is the double standard women have for men. If I was a woman who stated that my man had denied me love and sexual relations, there would be many women saying that my man should “man up” go to his doctor to be checked out for medical issues and perhaps psychological issues. Maybe even go get a prescription filled if he needed help.

Shouldn’t women be held to the same standard? I certainly believe so.


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