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Man Shares Tough Experience He Had With A Prostitute

An anonymous user had shared story of how his friend had suffered some lost from a prostitute.

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He wrote:

Never ever visit prostitute. I am sharing my friend’s experience.

My friend met a local prostitute and then both agreed for 1500 INR for her service. Then while going to lodge he parked his bike aside and withdrew some cash from atm. The prostitute saw this and kept this fact in mind.

On reaching the lodge, this guy handed 1500 INR to her. After receiving 1500 INR, the prostitute started demanding 3500INR more saying that she will provide this service and that service. She started begging that she needs money for her child’s admission. She also denied the service for which she agreed on 1500 INR. She was keen on suggesting that you own an atm card so while leaving pay me extra 3500 INR , so the sum would be 5K INR.

The guy pleaded her that he cannot pay her 5K as he himself he earns around 12k per month. But the prostitute was bitch. She started creating scene in the lodge. The guy also paid lodge fees which was 600 INR. The guy after tired of listening her begging and denying and nagging him for extra money, he left the lady in the lodge and went back home and told me entire scene. The guy lost 2100 within few moments there itself.

The guy was innocent and got easily fooled as she talked very sweetly until she received 1500 INR. And later her behavior changed drastically.

Sometimes we think that this prostitutes are doing their job to feed and support their family. NO, they are doing it because it is easy money for them and they also loot innocent people who cannot control their hormones and run stupidly behind them.

Never ever feel mercy for any prostitute. If they want, they can choose some other job to come out of that shit hole; But who leaves easy money.

Sometimes they also have binding with local cops where they ensure their client gets trapped in their trap after act is done and cop can extort enough money by threatening client by making FIR, or by releasing pic in newspaper, or by calling their parents. Clients fear here and make a settlement with cops with an amount betweeen 5 k to 25 k INR. Sometimes the cops are fake too. Their will wear khaki pants and any random shirt and will speak confidently.

Those who cannot control their hormones, this is an eye opener, what you see and what you might get may be totally different. Don’t waste your parents money on such activities and most important, it might happen that she might charge you with false rape case or any other allegation. Beware, Stay alert ,Stay Safe.

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