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Man’s Whose Ex Had A Smelly Vagina Shares His Experience (Read)

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A man who choose to be anonymous has shared online his experience with an ex who had a smelly vaginaRead Also: ‘I would bang anyone I get – as hard as I can’ – Man Exclaims As He Vows To Cheat On His Wife (Read Story)

He Wrote: 

 I lived with a woman. She was 36 when we got together, and the sex was amazing. We averaged about 3 – 4 times per day during the entire time we were together, but our record was 14 times in 24 hours. However, as she approached and hit 40 her body began to change. She started to smell differently downstairs , to the point that doing oral was very difficult for me. (performing oral on a woman has always been one of my favorite things) I tried to ignore it, tried to just keep thing going, but it got worse and worse.

I didn’t know how to bring up the topic in conversation. I could only imagine how embarrassing it would be for a woman to be told that. I would leave websites with adverts and coupons for feminine cleaning products open on the computer. I tried other ways of dropping hints, even buying some feminine soap and putting it in the bathroom. She didn’t get any of the hints, but she did notice that we were having sex less and less.

Finally, I came right out and told her, as nice and as gently as I possibly could think of. She didn’t get upset, and said she understood – but nothing changed. I observed no change in her hygiene habits, etc. The final straw for me was when we were getting it on and she turned around for doggy style, and I looked down and saw poo still in her butt.

After that, sex became more and more difficult for me, and the frequency of it decreased significantly – from multiple times per day, to a couple of times per week, to eventually once or twice per month. I’m sorry to say the relationship went downhill from there and didn’t survive much longer.

I know this makes me sound like an a##hole, maybe I am one, IDK.

I’m sorry.


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