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Married To Someone You Don’t Love??You Are Not Alone!(Read This)

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The institution of Marriage consist of so many things but many have entered into it as a mediocre and seem to be sucked in it for life.If you can relate with this,this truth is you are not alone.There are so many others in your shoes and I hope the story below helps.Read Also: 6 Suggestive Random Fights To Try When You Feel Like Testing The Strength Of Your Relationship

My family chose my husband!

Anita Singh, 42, a business adviser, has been married to civil engineer Amarjit Singh, 39, for 11 years. They don’t have any child and live in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. She says:

‘Amarjit and I had only met twice before we married in April 2000. Our match was arranged for us by friends and family. I never questioned it and trusted that the people who knew us and loved us would get it right.

‘Of course, we didn’t love each other at the time but I’d no doubt we could make it work.

‘My parents came to Britain from India in the Sixties to run a Post Office and I was born here, along with my three younger siblings. Although my parents had a successful arranged marriage, they never forced us into one.

‘I went to university and had a very British childhood and adolescence, with lots of fun and freedom — but I was always knew my parents would like me to marry an Indian man.

‘By the time I reached the age of 31, and was still single, they started dropping not very subtle hints about me leaving it a bit late.

‘Mum’s relatives back in India were horrified that I was still unmarried in my 30s and took it upon themselves to set me up.

‘There is nothing an Indian auntie likes better than a spot of match-making.

‘At the time I thought: ‘Why not?’

‘I didn’t have to go through with it and men weren’t exactly falling over themselves to date me. My mum was 19 when she married my dad and their union is unbelievably deep, genuine and strong. On a holiday to India I was introduced to Amarjit. He came from a good, modern-thinking family. He was educated, polite and very handsome but, even so, after our first meeting I wasn’t blown away.

‘My family kept telling me what a wonderful husband he’d make and how our zodiac charts showed the best match they had ever seen.

‘So, two week’s later, we announced our engagement. My mother is never wrong about anything and I trusted her to get this right too

‘After an amazing traditional wedding in India, we came back to the UK. My British friends were shocked. And I won’t deny the first three years were very testing — we were, after all, both living with strangers.

‘But slowly, day by day, as I got to know Amarjit’s kindness and humour, love grew.

‘Now he is not only my best friend, he is my one and only true love.’

I yearned for a baby

So, i guess give some time…NO deep relationships are built in one day…It takes time and lots of time…years and lots of years…and still they both are not compatible with each other..they should take a mutual decision and move ahead in their lives..Hope that Helps 🙂


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