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Men!See Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Married Before Age 30

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Gordon Miller, an Entrepreneur and investor shares one of his major reasons why men shouldn’t get married before age 30.Read Also: 7 Questions You Should Ask Your Partner Before Getting Married

He wrote:

“Never get married before you are 30”

The human male brain does not fully develop higher reasoning and decision making skills until age 29. Women develop this ability by age 21. That 10 years of mismatch is the potential danger zone for marriage.

Women are better off to enjoy 8 year of casual sex without the demands of a relationship headed for marriage and let the men “grow up” and “catch up” to them. The lack of pressure that men feel from women to get married will also subside and you will both enjoy yourselves more and not end up married at 27 and divorced at 30 like I was.

I was not ready to be married at 27 and I had no desire to get married and as such, I didn’t enjoy being married the first time.

By age 33, when I met my current wife who was then 31, we were both ready for marriage and it was the right person as the right point in time. It has been great for 20 years.


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