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Most Disgusting Schemes To Get Insurance Payouts In History (Zong Massacre)

The Zong Massacre in the 1800s was deeply troubling.

A slave ship was bound for Jamaica and threw 130 chained up slaves overboard, all drowning so that the captain could make a claim on insurance (slaves had insurance policies in case of “damage”)

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They tried to use the excuse that they were short on water and had to dispose of the “cargo”— but their insurance claim was denied.

Witnesses spread the word of the event and there was outrage from antislavers.

They were never convicted for any of their crimes. But the word of the event spread throughout jamaica and helped create more antislavery sentiment throughout the island.

They now have a monument to the people that lost their life in Zanzibar:

The idea of just dumping human beings in the middle of the ocean with such disregard. How did we manage to stray so far? There are more stories like this about middle passage slave ships, equally and more horrifying.

JMW Turner also did a painting about the event. Look closely.

I honestly hate learning and writing about these stories. I get nauseous and cynical of humanity. But most people have never even heard of this event. And the story deserves to be retold.

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