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Most Epic Historical Battle Ever

But this is 1683, not 2001.

I’m talking about the clash of two cultures, two empires, over 200,000 soldiers involved in the giant siege of Vienna. The magnificent city of Vienna, Austria, a cultural center of Europe and Western Christendom, under siege by the forces of the Ottoman Empire. It looked a little bit like this:

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This was the deciding battle between East and West. The great bastion of Christianity, capital of the Great Habsburg Empire, against the greatest threat Europe had ever seen: The Turks.

Fielding 200,000 men versus a defensive garrison of only 20,000, the Austrians looked to be defeated. The siege cut off all provisions to the city, and slowly, it was starving. The siege lasted two months, from July to September, and then: a breakthrough.

King Jan Sobieski of Poland came to the rescue with a cavalry charge, defeating the Ottomans and ending the siege, resulting in the decline of the Ottomans for the next 23 decades.

For all the bad rep Poland gets militarily, this was a time where they saved the rest of Europe. Congrats to Poland!

For the record, if you thought that sounded a bit like this:

Then you are right. This is basically the inspiration for the Siege of Minas Tirith with the Rohirrim playing the role of the Polish


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