Musings with Hadassah: What is the Crime of the short Man? Part 2

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In the course of my research work for this article, I came across so many negative things written about and for the short man. A particular twitter user actually wished death on all short men calling them a waste. Another asked why all men cannot just be tall. Yet another person asked why short men are allowed to even exist. And then I realized that this issue about height is not a joking matter. It is very serious!

We live in a society where we are told what to do,say…in fact,the society tells us how to do everything and because we are docile human beings,we never question it. We just flow with the status quo. The society has told us that short men are below the standard. Only God knows what they use in measuring this standard sef. And we have accepted it. A short boy is bullied throughout his days in school;even in the university. He starts working and he’s sometimes bullied by taller men and made the butt of all their jokes. Researches have been carried out to establish the fact that a tall man is most likely to get promoted in a place of work faster than the short man. To crown it all, he never seems to hit it with the ladies. He is friends with all the beautiful ladies and that’s what he is;a friend. He is always in the friend zone caring for his female friend every time a tall man breaks her heart. She complains bitterly to him on how there are no good men but he’s confused because he is a man and he is actually good. But she doesn’t see him as a man. After all, he is short!

And then he builds an impenetrable wall around himself. He employs sarcasm to defend himself against the world. He becomes cynical in his approach to life and the people in it. He becomes an overachiever;always striving to do more in his bid for acceptance. After he has become an overachiever,he becomes unbearably proud and haughty expecting everyone to bow to him because although he is short,he is an overachiever after all. His ego is bigger than a skyscraper. The society has just created a monster! All in the name of discrimination against the short man. I ask again, what is the crime of the short man? Did he choose to be short?
To be continued.

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