Relationship And Sex

“My Boss Saw Me Having Sex On His Desk With His Daughter”(See What Happened Next)

Been Professional is Important at a work place and having sex at your work pace should be highly prohibited.

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Read story of this anonymous fellow who broke the rules

He wrote:

When I was a 5th-year Apprentice I had been working with the same Journeyman for about two years.

He was a great Journeyman and very laid back. Very knowledgeable and a really great guy and role model.

He was very involved with his family. His wife and two teenage daughters, which in two years I had never met.

He keep his work and personal life separate. One of the other Apprentices seen a picture of one of his daughters and made a comment saying that our Journeyman needed to set him up with her. That apparently was the wrong thing to do.

My journeyman came unglued!!!! So I never even made a comment about his daughters, not even joking around.

We were working at job during the summer at a big Golf Course for the PGA Tour. We had a job site trailer that I had the keys to so I could get there early and open everything up to get ready for the day.

Being in my early 20s I took full advantage of this and would get there early and take a nap before people would get there. I would even use the trailer as my crash pad if I had drank to much while at partying, or met a girl I wanted to have sex with. My house was an hour away from where I hung out at and the job site was 15 mins away. I ended up there a lot at 2am. Well one night at the club I met this amazingly beautiful girl named Cali.

We hit it off right away. She was home for the summer from college. At 2am when all the clubs closed she suggested that we go back to my place because she still lived with her parents and her dad would kill her.

We ended up at the job site trailer. We were off the next day so I was like no worries. We can take our time and have a good time. No one was supposed to be coming in on Sunday. Boy was I wrong.

So we had been fucking for a few hours. We were on my Journeyman’s desk and she was riding me hard when the door opened. It was my journeyman!! He said what in the hell is going on here???

Cali turned her head and looked at my journeyman. He said Cali what in the hell are you doing and who is that. I knew right then I was a dead man. My journeyman was madder then ever.

Cali was very embarrassed and I was scared to death. He told us to get dressed and for her to go home. She left and we had a long talk. I apologized and told him I didn’t know it was his daughter.

He told me if I ever said a word about this to anyone he would end my career!! A week later the job was over and the four other Apprentices on the job got transferred and I got laid off.

Needless to say I was pissed and cussed him in front of everyone and said that this is personal. That he was just laying me off because he caught me fucking his daughter.

I took my layoff slip and left, but I continued fucking Cali for the rest of that summer. It was worth it.

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