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“My Girlfriend Cancelled Our Date Saying She Was Sick” -Here’s What I Found Her Doing

Brad Lieberman a K-12 Technology Specialist & Google Certified Tech man shared this story

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He wrote:

She canceled our date at the last minute because she said she was sick, so I thought it would be romantic to bring some chicken noodle soup to her at home.

This happened back in the late 80’s when I was in high school, so for all of you young folks out there, try to imagine a time before cell phones were common and the internet was only used by the government and universities. The primary forms of communication with other teenagers were either a) in person b) the family’s home phone or c) passing notes back and forth in class.

Sarah (yes, that’s her real name) and I were doing great — or so I believed.

Thinking I’d be the sweet boyfriend who surprised her at home while she was sick, and that we’d hang out instead of going out, that’s exactly what I did.

As I pulled up to her house with piping-hot soup that I picked up at WaWa along the way, I saw her and Adam (yep, that’s his real name too) making out on the couch through the front window.

It’s a cliche played out in many movies, but every time I see it on the screen, this 46 year-old guy becomes 16 again for just a moment.

It was three decades ago, but at the time, my fragile adolescent high-school heart was crushed, obliterated.

However, the great thing about that era was that I wasn’t able to send mass texts to my friends calling her nasty names, hit her up on any of the messaging apps to tell her I caught her in the act, take video of her and Adam kissing to then publish on my blog, or otherwise say/do anything stupid online while parked in front of her house, with a brain hopped up on both angry and devastated hormones.

Instead I had to drive home, sleep-cry it off, and approach her in school the next day.

I truly feel bad for kids and young adults dating these days.

It’s so much more complicated due to technology & social media.

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