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Newgrange: The Most Mysterious Monument In The World

This place, built around 3,200 BC. Newgrange was constructed 500 years before the Great Pyramids of Giza and 1000 years before Stonehenge.

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It contains a 19m (62ft) passage to a chamber that is only illuminated at sunrise on the winter solstice. Standing 13m (43ft) high with a diameter 0f 85m (279ft) the building covers an acre and has two sister sites, Knowth and Dowth, nearby. Up to 34 smaller mounds have been discovered locally.

Despite being rediscovered in 1699 very little is known about its builders, it shares structural similarities with Maeshowe (2800BC) in Scotland, Bryn Celli Ddu (3–2000BC) in Wales, and Gavrinis (3500BC) in France.

Newgrange sits in County Meath in Ireland, a mere 30-minute drive from Dublin Airport. How so few know about it is a mystery in itself.

Source: Cormac Laffan

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