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Niger exports fuel to Nigeria

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With all their refined fuel imported from other countries, Nigeria’s three major refineries have been grounded to near-zero capacity utilization for decades. Data from the African Refiners & Distributors Association revealed that strong refinery performance in the neighboring Niger Republic meets local fuel demand and excess production is exported to Nigeria,  Mali and Burkina Faso. according to Guardian.

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As Nigeria is struggling to get its refineries to work and attract foreign investment to the oil industry’s downstream sector, Niger has built a single 20,000-barrel refinery per day with local market configuration. Currently, the facility is producing liquefied petroleum gas, 7%; gasoline, 32%; and diesel, 61%, to optimize the supply of stranded crude oil.

Niger built its refineries in less than three years, pushing utilisation from zero to about 90 per cent in 2019.

Source: The Guardian

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