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Here’s Why More Men Commits Suicide Than Women

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Onismate Wrote: Few days ago we entertained a female visitor in our house. While discussing on the increase rate of suicide, crimes and kidnappings in Nigeria. According to her, the suicide rate would still go up if care is not taken because the Nigerian environment, economic woes.
Years before, it’s hard to hear that a Nigerian committed suicide, but things has drastically changed. We hear of so many attempted suicide cases. People taking their lives due to depression.

Our female guest was able to buttress some points why Men are prone to committing suicide than women in Nigeria.

Now here are 5 points why the suicide rate is more in men than women in Nigerian society. Note, this is from a female perspective and her own opinion.

Societal Pressure on Men:

Society has so much put pressure on men that when they can’t meet up with demands they become depressed and consider suicide as an option. They won’t want to face the shame. Imagine where society assumes that the man has to provide for his family, wife, children.

He also has extended families too. Work pressure is on him, and some other pressures. If he couldn’t take care of his families, society term him “lazy,” condemn him for not being able to take care of his family. Women will condemn him more.

So men are on pressure to meet up expectations. When they can’t they become depressed and so men will harbor negative thoughts, some consider suicide as options.

They Empower The women and leave the men:

We have so many women empowerment programs by the Government and other organizations, while the men are left out.

They empower the women and leave the men. The society made it in a way that most times women are being favoured in some cases because they are the weaker sex. They see the men as strong without knowing what men pass through.

Society have forced the men to accept some responsibilities they can’t handle:

There are so many responsibilities the society has placed on men. Society made it that men shouldn’t cry, they shouldn’t be seen as lazy and weak.

The men will be habouring pain, pressure and don’t know how to express it. When they cry society will mock and condemn them for crying. Men shouldn’t be seen crying. For God’s sake we all are human beings and have emotions.
According to research, women tends to live longer than men. Societal responsibilities on men are much more which will make men commit suicide if they can’t meet up.

Economic meltdown:

The economic hardship in Nigeria is not helping matters. Many men are on pressure to succeed, get married, have the good things of life.

It’s easier for the women because what some of them believe is that there would be a man somewhere waiting to marry them, or take care of their needs. The men hustle so hard to make life better for themselves and people around them.


So many people are depressed. Anyone can face depression but in the current Nigerian system, men are the most committing suicide.

The pressure falls more on them.From the words of our lady visitor, I was able to put the above 5 points why it seems the men commit suicide than women in Nigeria.

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