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Paper Money Came Last To The Party ?

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Not sure I’m a good writer but I will keep this as simple as I can.

Our world is changing or has changed but it wasn’t sudden! We didn’t pay close attention for some reasons.

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The Era changed from the 80’s when the internet was introduced.

Electronic Mail came in the early 90’s with the likes of Yahoo, Google Mail taking the lead , relaxing the need for Postal Mail.

Amazon then arrived changing the way you shop and buy books! Amazing as it’s name sounds right? Digital books were introduced, digital tapes also etc .

Then Facebook, Twitter , Instagram changed the way we interact Socially!

You would be shocked that a lot of things have changed but we barely took note of them!

Digital Photo sharing, Digital Information: there’s barely a need to buy printed papers or newspapers for you to get information , you can send pictures or share pictures with friends living far away without having to print and post them by postcards.

PayPal arrived and simplified money sending through emails .

Then Blockchain !

When I heard about the blockchain technology, it took sometime to understand how it was going to play out but while thinking a lot of things were happening so fast, Bitcoin , Etheruem and the likes of other digital Coins where taking a seat .

The World has changed and you also need to .

Technology has enhanced the ease to do things and human lives would never return to the Stone Age .

All aspect of life has been touched by Technology, from Banking to Education , Agriculture, Basic Health care operations name it .

Now the world is fighting COVID-19 and we are unaware our lives wouldn’t remain the same after this fight .

America is at war with China over supremacy. All other nations are trying to figure out where to take sides while some already know where they belong .

Couple of years ago it used to be about FIAT or paper money, Bitcoin came but faced a lot of criticisms because a faceless person created it .

The government of the world felt threatened by its emergence but this Crypto Currency has stood amidst the turbulence.

Now America is threatened because China is introducing a digital Yuan , Facebook is developing Libra, this is a tussle for who really is the ruler of the world .

This post was inspired by Forbes, I hope you like it and tilt towards accepting the change! The world has gone Digital!


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