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Parasomnia!!!Have You Read Something Scary Today ??? (Read This)

Parasomnia Known commonly as “nightmare disorder,” parasomnia is one of the scariest and most horrific disorders I’ve ever heard of.

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Parasomnia is a type of mental disorder that’s marked by extremely severe and regular nightmares. It’s also characterized by anxiety during waking hours, hallucinations, impeded memory and concentration, and insomnia.

Nightmares are a common part of life; most children between the ages of four and 10 experience nightmares regularly. Even if you’re an adult, nightmares should haunt your bed every once in a while.

But the nightmares brought by nightmare disorder are not normal nightmares; they’re extremely vivid, so much so that people who suffer from parasomnia often develop insomnia.

As parasomnia develops, you could experience daytime drowsiness, depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies.

After suffering from nightmare disorder, many patients die mysteriously and nobody can figure out why or how they die.

Even to this day, scientists don’t understand a lot about the disorder and the cause of death is the biggest enigma surrounding it.

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