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Pictures Illustrating 4 Type Of People In The World(Saddest Truth About Life)

In the world race to survive sometimes we forget to appreciate the little life has given us rather we complain about what we dont have .

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I want you to meet my friends.

This is how my first friend looks like. He works in a small company as a salaried worker.

This is what he rides.

This is what he wants.

Meet my other friend, the businessman.

This is what he drives.

This is his dream car.

Meet another friend of mine. He is the industrialist.

This is what he drives.

This is what he wants.

Now, I want you to meet my last friend.

He doesn’t have a workplace. He doesn’t have a vehicle. He doesn’t have a dream. I was lucky to ask my friend what his dream was.

All I want is food for my child tonight.

His dream, is this.

There are people who don’t even dare to dream about the things we take for granted.

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