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Prepare For Another Wave Of Coronavirus – NCDC

The Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) said that because of the non-compliance with COVID-19 health guidelines, there is likely to be an even more devastating second wave of coronavirus in Adamawa and other states in the region.

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Fahad Mohammed,a technical Adviser for the implementation of the NCDC Action Plan in the State of Adamawa, dropped the hint during the sensitization of

Nigerian police, civil defense, immigration and correctional services and road safety workers in Yola,

He said the biggest concern was that people are not taking tests, “because some of them do not believe that the pandemic is real and that is why we have a low

number of positive cases.

“Where you observe low numbers, it means tests are not being undertaken and if you are doing a lot of tests and getting negative results

, then you ask who are the people being tested? What is the criteria?” .

The NCDC official, who expressed serious concern with the low testing for COVID-19 in the state, revealed that

“there are about seven LGs in Adamawa where testing has never taken place. You can’t say there is no such disease in the areas.

“There is serious concern, (though we don’t pray and God forbid) that there is likely to be even more devastating second wave of coronavirus in Adamawa and

other states due to the non-compliance to COVID-19 health guidelines and people declining tests,’’ he warns.

“So the new move will allow us to know the true story of infections in the state. In the next one two or three months, we shall finish the target test of

one per cent of the population of the state. “We will open test centres in all the local governments of Adamawa State.

These test centres will allow residents to get tested seamlessly and obtain results in two to three days.

Source: PremiumTimes

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