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President Trump Calls Corona Virus ‘A Blessing From God’

President Trump claimed on Wednesday that catching the coronavirus was “a blessing from God” and portrayed as a miracle cure the unproven therapeutic drug he was given after testing positive last week for the virus.

US President Donald Trump removing his face mask after returning to White House from the hospital [Erin Scott/Reuters]

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The president’s statement, in a video released early Wednesday evening

In the video released Wednesday night, President Trump , whose skin appeared darkened by makeup

said he had discovered, without evidence, a new drug that suddenly made him feel better and could do the same for everyone else with Covid-19.


I call that a cure,” said Mr. Trump, adding that everyone should have access to the not-yet-approved drug

for “free” and that he would make sure it was in every hospital as soon as possible.


According to New york Times , hours after the video was released,

Regeneron said it was asking the Food and Drug Administration for emergency authorization to make the drug available.


The company has received more than $500 million from the federal government to develop

and manufacture its experimental treatment as part of “Operation Warp Speed,” the federal effort to come up

with viable vaccines and treatments for the virus, in order to help distribute it once it is available.


But although Mr. Trump had said hundreds of thousands of patients would soon have access to the cocktail,

Regeneron said in a statement that it would initially have only enough doses for 50,000 people.


“I think this was a blessing from God that I caught it,” Mr. Trump said,

apparently referring to the fact that he had learned about the benefits of the drug as a result of becoming ill.

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